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What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where a trained mediator helps disputing parties resolve their conflict.  The goal of mediation is for the disputing parties to jointly create an agreement that both find acceptable and satisfactory.  

In a mediation session, pertinent issues are identified, misunderstandings are worked through, and possible options and solutions are generated, so that the parties in dispute can see a way to come to agreement to settle their differences and resolve their conflict.  Mediation, therefore, can be thought of as assisted communication or assisted negotiation.  Its methods are designed to reduce hostility, enhance communication, to help people think through what they need, what they believe is fair, and to encourage mutual respect and mutual consideration.    

Mediation services offered by Hudson Valley Mediators

The professional mediators at Hudson Valley Mediators offer divorce mediation, parenting (child custody) mediation, eldercare mediation, healthcare mediation, and workplace mediation for community organizations and small businesses that do not have their own in-house conflict resolution programs.   

Why use mediation?

  • Participation in mediation is voluntary.  You can discontinue at any time.  There is no downside to see if mediation works for you.  
  • Mediation is a short, focused and goal-oriented process.  It saves time and money.
  • You have control.  No one can impose anything on you during mediation. You retain decision-making power to accept or reject any proposal. 
  • It is collaborative.  You and the other disputing party are assisted by the mediator to find a solution together and reach agreement.
  • Mediation is confidential.  Mediation discussions and materials developed in a mediation sessions are not admissible in any subsequent legal proceedings.
  • It is an informed process because mediation offers all participants full opportunity to obtain and incorporate legal and other expert information and advice.  Expert advice, however, is never determinative in mediation. The participants retain decision-making power.
  • The process is impartial, balanced and safe.  The mediator has an equal responsibility to assist all parties and cannot favor the interests of one party over the other, nor does the mediator favor a particular result in the mediation.  

Why use the services of the Hudson Valley Mediators?

We have years of experience and expertise to guide you through the mediation process.

We believe in offering our clients an excellent service that is affordable, efficient, has appropriate balance between tasks and time for discussion and creative problem-solving, and is tailored to the your needs and circumstances.

We are committed to provide you with an environment that is confidential, private, respectful, and supportive of open and honest dialogue. 

We are committed to the principle of full disclosure of information so that informed decisions can be made.

We offer a streamlined and cost effective process where mediators facilitate your negotiations, with a neutral attorney available to draft your legal documents if such documents are required.  

Come and meet us.  Ask us questions. 

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